MAC8 is a leading technology company and one of the most famous PCB hardware and accessories manufacturers in Japan. MAC8 Spacers, Connectors, Test Pins, Jumpers and Socket Pins are used by a myriad of industries. 

For Surface Mount>Test Point

For auto-insertion 3.2x1.6 type

HK-2 Series

HK-2 Series

Test Point For Auto-Insertion (3.2X1.6 Type)
[HK-2 Series] (1000pcs/reel)

  • In the case of reflowing by cream solder, recommended mounting pad layout should be more than 1.6x3.2 to strengthen the bonding.
Material Brass
Finish HK-2-G Au plating over Ni
HK-2-S Sn plating over Ni

Recommended land diameter

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