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Assest Management Services

for Excess Electronic Overstock


Every equipment manufacturer needs to deal with excess inventory. Whether you need to sell an individual product line or clear an entire warehouse, we’re ready to help. m


Inventory management is not a precise science. Product designs change, orders get cancelled, customer needs and attitudes change and recession hits.


If you have excess inventory of active and passive electronic components, D&K can help!




D&K how to help customers save the shipping costs and On Time Delivery?


We have a large regional distribution center, our warehouses set up in Hong Kong, we have a comprehensive distribution network and to ensure through the delivery of advanced, efficient order processing and on time shipment.


We are committed to ship the product to your customer in the shortest distance!


Asia Logistics Center of




The Interbras International Limited




Hong Kong

Stock'N Source International (HK) Limited




Luxon Electronics Pte Ltd  





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Northcott Electronics Group









North Atlantic Components, Inc