PCB Hardware & Accessories
MAC8 is a leading technology company and one of the most famous PCB hardware and accessories manufacturers in Japan. MAC8 Spacers, Connectors, Test Pins, Jumpers and Socket Pins are used by a myriad of industries. 
For Through Hole > Terminal for Hybrid IC
   CB Series   Carrier tape Pitch=1.27mm  MAC8  
   CB Series   Carrier tape Pitch=2.54mm  MAC8  
   CE Series   Rated current 10, 20, 30A  MAC8  
   HC Series   It is mounted pararell to PCB   MAC8  
   CF Series   Recommended through-hole diameter 0.5 phi mm  MAC8  
   CM Series    Recommended through-hole diameter 0.5 mm  MAC8  
   CH Series   Recommended through-hole diameter various size are  MAC8  
   CD Series   Recommended diameter various size are available  MAC8  
   BK Series   Recommended through-hole diameter 0.6 phi mm  MAC8  
   CK Series   Diameter 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.1 phi mm  MAC8