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MV Series Changing-pitch connector Solder application Pitch= MAC8 
MBW-1 Series Solder application Pitch=1.27mm 2 row type MAC8 
MB Series (H=5.5 to 22mm) Solder application Pitch=1.27, 2.54mm MAC8 
MG Series Socket pin for MA series Pitch=1.27, 2.54mm MAC8 
MA Series Use to connect PC boards in parallel Pitch=1.27, 2 MAC8 
MZW Series Angle type Pitch=1.27, 2.54mm 2 row type MAC8 
MZ Series Angle type Pitch=1.27, 1.778, 2.54mm MAC8 
MEW-1-1 Series Socket pin for MXW-1 Series Pitch=1.27mm 2 row typ MAC8 
MXW-1 Series Mate/unmate with socket Pitch=1.27mm 2 row type MAC8 
MXW-3 Series Mate/unmate with socket Pitch=2.54mm 2 row type MAC8